Fans Angered By IZ*ONE’s Exclusion From The Golden Disc Awards

They sold enough albums to meet the requirements…

WIZ*ONEs are angered by this year’s Golden Disc Awards as they have excluded IZ*ONE for the second year in a row. On December 10, the award show revealed its nominees for 2020. They boast that they are “the most fair and prestigious awards ceremony” as they base their winners off of album sales and digital streaming. However, fans were angered by IZ*ONE being excluded yet again by the awards despite having sold more than 450,000 copies of their album BLOOM*IZ. 

Last year, they were originally nominated for an award but got left out last minute along with X1 because of the rigging controversy of Produce X 101 and Produce 48. It is unclear if this is also the reason for their exclusion this year.

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Fans were notably angered by this as IZ*ONE fills all of the requirements to be nominated.


Fans are calling for award shows to be more transparent and honest in viewing idols’ achievements. The Golden Disc Awards has not yet issued a statement for this year’s exclusion.

Source: @iz-onez