IZ*ONE Under Fire For Lip-Syncing In Recent Concert

Only two members appeared to be singing live.

IZ*ONE is currently promoting their “EYES ON ME” concert in Asia. They held their Fukuoka concert on September 9 where issues regarding their lip-syncing were brought to light.

It seemed as if only members Ahn Yujin and Choi Yena were not relying on the backtrack for the entire concert.

Fans were upset that even the main and lead vocalists appeared to be lip-syncing.

Even the main vocal is lip-syncing?

– Korean Netizen

Give all their money to Ahn Yujin and Choi Yena. How are the rest of the kids earning money while being like this?

– Korean Netizen

Some, on the other hand, saw the situation as an opportunity to praise the versatility of Yena.

I think that overall, Choi Yena has the best skills in the group. First of all, I find her pretty. I felt it during Produce. When they needed her to be the main vocal, she was the main vocal. When they needed her to be the main rapper, she was the main rapper.

– Korean Netizen

Check out some of their performances below.

Source: Nate