Kang Hyewon Once Had The Most Bizarrely Relatable Answer For Her TMI

This might be a bit… “cheesy”

Former IZ*ONE‘s Kang Hyewon opened up her own YouTube channel to upload behind-the-scenes content from photoshoots as well as personal content. To start her channel off, she decided to invite fans to ask her whatever they wanted for a Q&A video.

“Hello, everyone.” | 강혜원/YouTube 

Hyewon set the tone for her channel very quickly, however, when she chose to answer “Today’s TMI” as one of her first questions on the channel.

“Today’s TMI.” | 강혜원/YouTube 

Without hesitation, Hyewon shared that “the cheese in the cheese stick didn’t stretch” as her TMI.

“The cheese in the cheese stick didn’t stretch.” | 강혜원/YouTube 
Not Hyewon’s cheese stick, but for illustrative purposes. | Food Network/YouTube 

The pain in her voice was palpable as she asked her audience if they “know how important this is?”

“You know how important this is?” | 강혜원/YouTube 

What started as a simple question turned into a relatable rant as she couldn’t stop describing her disappointment in her cheesy snack.

“How it just breaks when you eat it? It feels so…” | 강혜원/YouTube 

She then turned the rant toward the food itself, telling the snack in question that it “should be sorry, cheese stick…”

“You should be sorry, cheese stick…” | 강혜원/YouTube 

This must have been a very frustrating experience for Hyewon as she continued to lament her not so “gouda” time.

“I ate it and it just broke!” | 강혜원/YouTube 

She ended the question by looking into the camera and simply asking “how can you call this cheese?”

“How can you call this cheese?” | 강혜원/YouTube 

While this rant might have seemed a bit bizarre, it was also extremely relatable. Who hasn’t felt the bitter disappointment of a poorly prepared cheese stick? We hope Hyewon keeps this unique energy up as she continues to post on her channel. To see more from her Q&A, check out the article below:

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