IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung Graces New York with Her Unbelievable Figure

So when is she debuting as a model?

IZ*ONE‘s Jang Wonyoung recently updated her fans with photos of herself in New York on IZ*ONE’s official Instagram account.


The shared photos show Jang Wonyoung showing off various poses while looking straight into the camera.


In some of the photos, her beautiful facial features are highlighted as she’s seen eating ice cream…

And in some other photos, Jang Wonyoung is flaunting her gorgeous yet hard-to-believe figure in a white crop t-shirt and jean shorts.

What really stands out about the new update is how crazy tall she looks in addition to the long legs that seem to go on for miles.

Jang Wonyoung, as well as the rest of IZ*ONE, are currently in New York for KCON 2019, but these photos are making fans wonder when she’s going to debut as a model…

Because she clearly has the figure for it.


Source: Dispatch