IZ*ONE’s Japanese Members Reveal the Differences Between Korean Idols and Japanese Idols

But we love them all the same.

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, IZ*ONE appeared as guests and drew particular attention to the show.

On the show, the IZ*ONE and the cast of Knowing Bros talked about various topics, one of which included Japanese idols.

In particular, they pointed out the difference between Korean idols and Japanese idols, which drew particular attention from the cast and viewers.


Sakura Miyawaki mentioned, “Japanese idols often go for cute concepts, but Korean idols have a variety of concepts.

Nako Yabuki also shared a difference she noticed between Korean idols and Japanese idols by adding, “It’s fascinating how Korean idols live in dorms.

The IZ*ONE members then confessed that they live in dorms located in two different houses.

When the cast asked them how they decided which members would live in which house, they played “palms up palms down” to decide and made everyone burst into laughter.

Source: Insight