Photos of This Male IZ*ONE Fan Are Going Viral for How Handsome and Modelesque He Looks

Apparently, he’s 187 centimeters tall.

Recently, photos of a particular IZ*ONE fan have been circulating in online communities in a post titled “Handsome IZ*ONE Fan“.

The man in the photos can be seen admiring photos of Jang Wonyoung and Kim Chaewon, reacting to performance videos of the idol group, and even showing off his light stick.

Besides being a huge IZ*ONE, what’s gaining overwhelming attention is just how handsome he is with his mask off.

On top of that, one of the photos highlights his impressive modelesque physique which is making fellow fans chant, “You should be a model!

According to the netizen who shared these photos, this handsome fan is Japanese.

The netizen captioned the photos, “You should try out for ‘Produce 101 Japan’. Or since you’re 187 centimeters tall, you should just be a model.

Source: Dispatch