Here’s Why IZ*ONE’s Lee Chaeyeon Was Absolutely Ecstatic at Her Most Recent Airport Appearance

It was like Christmas morning for IZ*ONE’s Lee Chaeyeon.

IZ*ONE was recently spotted at Gimpo International Airport heading abroad for one of their schedules, and Lee Chaeyeon made everyone laugh with a hilarious reaction to what she found in her pocket.

After getting out of the van, Lee Chaeyeon was chatting with Kwon Eunbi when she suddenly began to rummage through her pockets.

And what she found inside was 10,000 won (~$10 US).

At first, Lee Chaeyeon looked confused as if she was wondering, “What’s this doing in here?

But she then expressed her joy of finding unexpected money by flashing the biggest smile at the cameras.

She then bragged about it to Kwon Eunbi and the entire moment was captured on camera, which is a relief since it’s so adorably cute.

Fans who saw this are responding with comments such as “Chaeyeon is so cute“, “She probably had a great day after that“, and “Score, haha“.

Source: Dispatch