IZ*ONE Fans Raise Concern Over Former Member Lee Chaeyeon’s Lack Of Debut

Fans just want to see her happy.

Nearly all of the former members of IZ*ONE have debuted again since the group disbanded, whether they became soloists or joined a K-Pop girl group.


Jo YuriChoi YenaKwon Eunbi, and Kang Hyewon have all debuted as soloists over the last year. Wonyoung and Yujin debuted with IVE, while Sakura and Chaewon debuted with LE SSERAFIM.

Sakura and Chaewon 

Outside of the Korean music industry, Nako re-joined Japanese pop group HKT48Hitomi re-joined Japanese pop group AKB48, and Kim Minju starred and MCed a couple of different shows.

Kim Minju

In 2021, Chaeyeon went on to be a contestant on Street Woman Fighter with her crew, called WANT. However, they were eliminated from the program, and she hasn’t really appeared in anything since then.

Since it has been over a year since IZ*ONE disbanded in April 2021, and all eleven of the other former members seem to have found their niche in the entertainment industry, fans have become increasingly worried about Chaeyeon’s lack of a debut of any kind.


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In fact, a post was recently made on Reddit of a WIZ*ONE talking about their concern for Chaeyeon’s quietness. They worry that at this rate she might not debut at all.

I am worried about Lee Chaeyeon never debuting or debuting too late. from kpopthoughts

Lots of comments agree with the original post, lamenting over the waste of Chaeyeon’s talent at this time in her life.

A couple of people brought up the fact that she’s likely doing fine because she seems to come from a wealthy family, but others spoke about the difference between being rich and feeling fulfilled in life. Many fans worried about the latter for Chaeyeon.

Some others mentioned the fact that RBW bought WM Entertainment — Chaeyeon’s label — and that that could be part of what’s preventing her from debuting alongside her other former members.


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Whatever the case is for Chaeyeon’s delayed debut, we all just hope that she’s happy and healthy with whatever she’s doing now, and is able to have a successful career before too long!

Source: Reddit