IZ*ONE Reflect On Their Journey In Emotional Speeches During Their Final Concert

It was a thank you to all their fans!

Following the announcement that IZ*ONE will be disbanding in April, the group held their final concert, “ONE, THE STORY.”

On March 13 and 14, IZ*ONE met with their fans online for the first time in six months and featured seven themes looking at the group’s career! During the concert, the members expressed their feelings ahead of their disbandment.

| @official_izone/Twitter

In an emotional speech, Nako spoke about how she was not ready for the show and that the reality of the group’s disbandment had not seemed real.

I couldn’t believe that we’ve come to an end, nor did I want to believe. It really didn’t hit me, but after yesterday’s show and today’s show, I wish today would not end.

— IZ*ONE’s Nako

She also added how, before coming to Korea, many told her that she would not fit in. But it was the support from their fans, WIZ*ONE, that gave her the confidence because their love was “So big.”

Hyewon was also very emotional, talking about the hardships of her journey and how she overcame them with her members and the fans’ help!

WIZ*ONE always told me that they loved me and said they were happy thanks to me. The thought that I made someone happy allowed me to overcome such thoughts just a little. I was really happy spending time with the members and our fans.

— IZ*ONE’s Hyewon

As emotional as the members were, the members touched upon how hard it was for their fans!

Sakura tried to provide comfort to their fans. She explained that even when the group parts ways, it doesn’t mean that everything the group has done over the past two and a half years will disappear!

I’ll be happy if you can feel that you were glad you stood right beside us. Let’s never forget that I was in IZ*ONE and that you were a WIZ*ONE. It’s a promise. Thank you for this whole time.

— IZ*ONE’s Sakura

The other members also became very emotional in their speeches, emphasizing their fans’ huge role in their careers! Both Minju and Yuri explained how their letters and messages of support kept them going through the whole journey!

It was not only through the speeches that the members showed their feelings ahead of April. During their track “With*One,” the members became very emotional, with many fans watching across the world!

| @official_izone/Twitter

Throughout the two concerts, fans were able to join the group looking back at their careers and focusing on all the fond memories over the past few years.

It was a fitting way to draw the curtains on this chapter of the member’s careers and look ahead to the future!