This IZ*ONE Member Is Famous for Having the Most Gorgeous Figure

Can you believe she’s only 17 years old?

In recent days, IZ*ONE fans have been uploading photos of Kim Minju titled, “An Idol with a Beautiful Figure” in online communities.

Kim Minju, who previously received overwhelming attention for her beautiful face, is now receiving compliments for her gorgeous body lines.

Kim Minju is 166 centimeters tall and has spectacular proportions aided by her long arms and legs.

And her big eyes and sharp nose on her small face only accentuate her admirable proportions.

Her surprising physical appearance shines even brighter on stage. Despite being in a group of 11 members, her proportions make her stand out.

With her adorable smile added on top, fans are bound to fall for her charms.

Doesn’t her face remind you of TWICE‘s Tzuyu?

Source: Insight