IZ*ONE Members Proudly Rep Their Harry Potter Houses With Headbands

Fans believe they’ve been sorted well.

While in LA for KCON LA 2019, IZ*ONE members spent some time recharging and refreshing – and that included paying a visit to California’s theme parks! From their Universal Studios day, members who went to the amusement park each picked up a Harry Potter headband…


… and now fans are obsessed with how well they’ve sorted themselves into the appropriate Harry Potter houses! Among the Harry Potter branded headbands to represent the four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff…


Yujin and Nako chose House Gryffindor!


Wonyoung was spotted repping Ravenclaw…


… and Sakura and Hyewon are die-hard Slytherins!


IZ*ONE x Harry Potter fans can’t wait to find out if the rest of the members also visited Universal Studios and got themselves sorted into Hogwarts houses. With IZ*ONE members slowly updating pictures and videos from their adventurous times in California, fans have their eyes glued to the official IZ*ONE Instagram feed!


Watch our darling IZ*ONE wizards dominate the stage at KCON LA:

Source: THEQOO