IZ*ONE’s Minju Makes Surprise Appearance On Popular Web Drama

Viewers were surprised by the familiar face.

IZ*ONE‘s Minju has made a surprise appearance on the popular web drama, A-TEEN 2.

Minju appeared on Episode 11 of the web drama that was released on May 26th as a part-time worker of a fast food restaurant.


In the episode, Minju interacted with the character, Cha Ah Hyun, a fellow part-time worker who was slacking off. Minju called Cha Ah Hyun out for not helping her clean up.


The two part-timers then hide behind the wall after seeing Kim Ha Na and Ryu Joo Ha enter the restaurant together.


Netizens were surprised at Minju’s sudden appearance but praised her for her acting.

  • “Minju comes out. She’s so pretty and so good at acting too”
  • “Minju’s acting is cute and really good”
  • “What’s Minju doing there lol she’s so pretty”


Check out the full episode below:


Source: Naver TV