IZ*ONE Performs AKB48’s Nostalgic Classic Song “Heavy Rotation” On Japanese Music Show

IZ*ONE absolutely slayed this AKB48 performance.

IZ*ONE‘s AKB48 members Sakura, Hitomi, and Nako got to share a little bit of their history as Japanese idols with their Korean members by performing AKB48’s iconic single “Heavy Rotation” as IZ*ONE on Japanese Music Show Utacon. The group also sang “Heavy Rotation” during their Japanese fan meeting in May, but this is the first time with the full choreography and on a music show.

Sakura, Hitomi and Nako have performed “Heavy Rotation” countless times with AKB48, but something feels special about seeing them perform the smash hit as IZ*ONE. All 11 of the girls performed the song perfectly, adding a newfound IZ*ONE charm to the AKB48 classic. Unfortunately, Jang Wonyoung couldn’t participate due to Japanese curfew laws.

Bonus: a clip of a baby Sakura and Nako singing “Heavy Rotation” with HKT48 – the Fukuoka unit of AKB48.