IZ*ONE Prepares a Special Version of La Vie en Rose for Weekly Idol

IZ*ONE in suits is just what you didn’t know you needed.

On the April 10 episode of Weekly Idol, IZ*ONE unveiled a special version of ‘La Vie en Rose’ especially for WIZ*ONE.

Eunbi explained that at the year-end awards ceremonies many WIZ*ONE requested to see a ‘Suits Version’ of ‘La Vie en Rose,’ so the group prepared it especially for Weekly Idol.

When asked how they felt performing in suits, Yujin said they felt good and referenced their 2018 MAMA performance where they performed Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ in suits as well.

The ‘Suits’ concept suits IZ*ONE so well, netizens asked for a full version.

Give me a full version!!!

Please give me the full version!!!!!!!!!

Other WIZ*ONE have requested yet another ‘Suits version’.

I want to see Violeta Suits Version too!

WIZ*ONE are so thankful that IZ*ONE prepared this stage just for them, and look forward to the rest of IZ*ONE’s promotions for Violeta.


Source: Naver TV
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