IZ*ONE Revealed Which Members They’d Like To Date—And The Results Were Hilarious

Even K-Dramas couldn’t come up with a romance plot like this!

At a fansign for “Fiesta”, one lucky WIZ*ONE got the chance to ask the IZ*ONE members who in the group they’d like to go on a date with. The result? A hilarious love triangle worthy of a K-drama plot—or rather, a love pentagon.

When the fan asked Hyewon which member she likes recently and would like to go on a date with, her answer was the group’s talented main vocalist Yuri.

Wouldn’t it be cute to see Hyewon take Yuri out for her favorite ice cream, cotton candy flavor?

But unfortunately for Hyewon, Yuri had her eye on someone else. Her answer to the fan’s question was IZ*ONE’s other visual, Minju.

Minju loves amusement parks, so the two could have a very fun date at Lotte World or Everland.

That is, if Minju wanted to go on a date with Yuri too. But hilariously, Minju also set her sights on dating another IZ*ONE member.

This time, it’s lead vocalist and lead dancer Chaewon. Minju could take this movie lover out on a sweet film date.

Chaewon would probably turn her down, though, because she told the fan she wants to go on a date with J-line’s Hitomi instead.

What would the two do together? Hitomi enjoys cooking videos and loves Korean stir-friend chicken, so Chaewon could make her a lovely home-cooked meal.

You see where this is going now, right? Hitomi completed the love pentagon by wishing to go on a date with Minju. Not even the best K-drama could come up with a romance plot this complicated!

Of course, we think going out on a date with any of the beautiful IZ*ONE members would be a moment to remember!