IZ*ONE Sakura Wants Buy A House If She Makes A Lot Of Money, And The Reason Is Simply Too Sweet

She described what this future house would be like.

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura and Chungha recently guested on an episode of Everyone’s Kitchen and talked about various things over a meal.

When Chungha was asked if she bought her mother any nice gifts, she said that she bought her mother a very nice handbag after she settled her family debt.

I settled our family debt for the first time and then I gave my mother an expensive handbag as a gift.

ㅡ Chungha


She explained that no matter how big her earnings are, her mother doesn’t use the money so she had no choice but to spend it for her.

She doesn’t use (the money), she can’t. So I just used it for her.

ㅡ Chungha


Then MC Kang Ho Dong then asked IZ*ONE’s Sakura what she would buy if she made a lot of money. She replied that she wants to buy a house.


The reason was so that she could live with her mother and her grandmother. She explained that because she was in Korea (and her family in Japan), she was not able to see them as often and expressed her desire to live with them under one roof.

I want to live together with my mother and my grandmother. I’m in Korea so I can’t see (my family) often.

ㅡ Sakura


As an avid gamer, she also added that the house should include a lot of PC games so that she would not need to go outdoors.


Sakura concluded her question with a pose of what she looks like when she’s playing games and it was absolutely adorable.


Check out the full video clip below:


Source: Naver TV


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