IZ*ONE’s Sakura Had The Most Relatable Reaction To Eunbi Stealing Her Food

She’s hilarious!

If you’ve ever felt affronted by somebody invading your personal space, you’re not alone. Like most of us, idols also react when someone does the unexpected—take the case of IZ*ONE‘s Sakura.

Sakura was totally relatable when her fellow member, Eunbi, stole her food!

When Sakura was eating noodles in front of the camera, Eunbi suddenly reached out to take a bite.

Sakura looked surprised for a moment…

…but she quickly recovered and told Eunbi “You can eat it“.

Eunbi thanked her and proceeded to taste it.

Talk about a gracious reaction from the generous Sakura! Do you also get defensive when it comes to food?

Source: Nate