IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Was Unrecognizable On The Runway But Nonetheless Beautiful AF

She would’ve made a fantastic model too.

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung was spotted rocking the runway at the 2019 Tokyo Girls Collection A/W fashion show!


Fans are fascinated not only by how different Wonyoung looked, but also by how professional she was as a model!


Wonyoung wowed the crowd with a long, jet-black wig and fierce smoky make-up.


She modeled a leopard print dress which made her look like a wild and untamed jaguar.


While Wonyoung looked nothing like the Wonyoung that K-Pop fans know…


… she was super dolled up and nonetheless beautiful!


Fans are also entirely impressed by how Wonyoung’s physique was nothing short of perfect, especially in comparison to those of professional models.


With her gorgeous long legs, Wonyoung swept across the runway and totally slayed the look.


In her second set of outfit, Wonyoung boasted more of her K-Pop idol-like visual that fans are used to seeing…


… and continued to look unreal!


In both styles, Wonyoung was the center of attention at this fashion show. Fans can’t get enough for her cutest little smile!


IZ*ONE’s fans are super proud of Wonyoung for her successful debut as a model at the TGC show!