IZ*ONE’s Chaewon Admitted She Didn’t Know How To Feel About Minju’s Pink Hair At First

It didn’t turn out how Chaewon thought it would.

IZ*ONE‘s Minju‘s iconic fairy-like pink hair has stunned WIZ*ONEs & netizens time and time again, but fellow member Chaewon recently recalled that she had her doubts about the hair color choice.

When Minju said she was going to have pink hair I really thought “*gasp* that’s going to be the worst”.

Minju and Chaeyeon both laughed in shock as this was definitely the first time they’d heard this. Minju even asked Chaewon “What do you mean ‘the worst’?”

Chaewon was quick to clear up that once she actually saw Minju with pink hair her opinion did a 180.

But it’s the opposite! Isn’t it so pretty?

Yes, Chaewon. WIZ*ONE agree that pink hair Minju is the prettiest in the world!