IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Couldn’t Hold Back Tears During The Final Member Reveal For Produce X 101

Chaeyeon has been standing in his shoes before.

With the formation of X1 on the Produce X 101 finale, Produce 48 rookies IZ*ONE officially have a younger brother group. As seniors, they attended the finale of Produce X 101 which, as with every preceding Produce season, was ripe with so many emotions. One particularly emotional moment of the finale for IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon was the announcement of Lee Eunsang as the final member of X1.

While waiting for the reveal, Chaeyeon was seen fanning herself with tears in her eyes.

IZ*ONE fans and viewers of Produce 48 will know that Chaeyeon was the final and 12th member to be revealed as a member of IZ*ONE.

Chaeyeon was definitely taken back to that moment less than a year ago when she was standing on the finale stage waiting to hear whether or not she’d make it into IZ*ONE.

If anyone knows how it feels to be in that position, it’s Chaeyeon.