IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Reveals How She Felt Watching Her Sister Chaeryeong Debut With ITZY

Chaeyeon and Yena talked about their relationships with their siblings.

IZ*ONE’s Lee Chae Yeon along with her fellow IZ*ONE members Honda Hitomi, Jang Won Young and Choi Ye Na appeared on the radio program Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.

A listener sent in a message talking about Chae Yeon and her sister Chaeryeong’s appearance on K-Pop Star 13 all the way back in 2013. This is the show that caused the sisters to be signed by JYP Entertainment.

Chae Yeon had some very kind words to say about her sister:

When Chaeryeong debuted, I was just as happy as when I debuted with IZ*ONE. I feel so proud because she is doing so well, and I hope we can meet on the same stage some day. Especially because we are separated, I feel a lot of fondness for her.

– Lee Chae Yeon

Meanwhile, Choi Ye Na made everyone laugh when she talked about with her actor older brother, Choi Sung Min:

We usually take cute poses and act like we get along. I think that is just for social media. At home, we fight over the remote control and fart on each other. We are just typical siblings.

– Choi Ye Na

Source: Naver