IZ*ONE’s Eunbi Can’t Help But Cry Once She Hears This Child’s Concern

Sacrificing their own happiness, for their mothers.

On an episode of Hello Counselor, IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi couldn’t help but cry once she heard this little girl’s concern about her life. The girl’s name was Minju (not to be confused with IZ*ONE’s Minju). Minju was one of the top students in her school in terms of academic performance. Yet, she announced that she wanted to be homeschooled to her mother.

Minju had many reasons for this decision. One of them is that she didn’t like the whole competitive aspect of school and wanted to be able to study without having to worry about it.

Minju thinks this decision would allow her to do better in academics and allow her to make her mom happy, which is her ultimate goal.

Minju also takes care of her older who is mentally challenged.

It’s revealed at the end that Minju made all these decisions in order to make her mother happy. That she was sacrificing her own happiness just to make her mom happy. That she took a lot of pressure due to wanting to keep her mother happy and it was taking a toll on her.

Eunbi couldn’t help but relate to Minju’s situation as she too had experienced this with her own mother when she wanted to become a singer.

Eunbi was also pretending to be happy just so that her mother would be as well.

Eunbi ultimately learned from her experiences and tells Minju she shouldn’t be pressured.

Watch the full video below!