IZ*ONE’s Hitomi Looking All Cozy At The Airport Will Make You Squeal

She’s adorable!

Usually, IZ*ONE‘s Hitomi stuns in the airport with her high-class fashion. The idol isn’t afraid to accessorize and almost always has her hair and make-up done perfectly.

But this time, Hitomi decided to keep it comfy and cozy with this hoodie look. The idol wore a large, cream hoodie with the hood over her head. To make her look even cute, she tightened the hood and tied up the strings, hiding her hair and only showing of her cute mochi cheeks!

Many are falling for the idol’s duality, saying that she has the ability to be both cute and glamorous. To be both fashionable and cute casual. It just proves that no matter what Hitomi wears, she’s always going to be IZ*ONE’s cutie member!

Source: Pann