IZ*ONE’s Jo Yuri Is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away With Her New Blonde Hair

She’s like a doll!

IZ*ONE is currently busy promoting in Japan and many fans of the group have been keeping a close eye on the girls to make sure they’re okay. What fans didn’t expect to see when checking up on them is Jo Yuri and her new blonde hair, but people most certainly aren’t complaining!

Fans are saying that Jo Yuri suits the look effortlessly, with people commenting that she looks like a real-life doll!

Some fans are even saying that she resembles famous Girls’ Generation member and soloist Taeyeon, who is famous for her blonde hair.

People also not how not many Korean idols can pull of blonde well, but Jo Yuri does so with no hitches or problems. WIZ*ONEs don’t know how long the blonde will last, but people hope it stays for awhile!

She’s so pretty! She looks like a doll!

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo