IZ*ONE’s New Japanese Single “Buenos Aires” Features Some Of Their Most Intense Choreography Yet

IZ*ONE keeps improving with every comeback.

On June 1, IZ*ONE performed their Japanese comeback single “Buenos Aires” for the first time on Japanese Music Show Shibuya Note.

IZ*ONE has been known for their intense and detailed choreography ever since their debut song “La Vie En Rose”.

Their debut Japanese single “Sukito Iwasetai” also featured memorable and stand-out choreography.

They didn’t slow down with the choreography for their Korean followup single “Violeta”.

With their latest single, “Buenos Aires”, IZ*ONE took their choreography to the next level. While it still features IZ*ONE’s signature polished formations, “Buenos Aires” has noticeably higher energy choreography.

“Buenos Aires” blends the delicate, detailed hand motions IZ*ONE has become known for with more hard-hitting, dynamic movements.

IZ*ONE’s dedication to performing has been evident since their time as trainees on Produce 48. With their upgraded dancing in “Buenos Aires” they prove that even now they’re committed to always improving.

Watch IZ*ONE’s full pre-release performance of “Buenos Aires” below.