IZ*ONE’s Sakura Looked Absolutely Breathtaking Walking The Runway

She is model-material!

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura was spotted walking the catwalk at the 2019 Tokyo Girls Collection A/W fashion show!

Sakura blew everyone away with her beauty, with people noting how she continues to bloom day by day. People comment that this make-up and clothing style is a perfect match for her.


Though Sakura pulls off these clothes flawlessly, netizens have stated that only people as beautiful as the idol can work these clothes, especially wear it altogether as one outfit.

I envy her. I would look like a turtle if I wore that coat.

– Korean Netizen


Now that people have seen Sakura rock the runway, people are wondering when her next show will be! Will we be getting more Model Sakura soon?

Source: TheQoo