IZ*ONE’s Sakura Steals The Show With Her Hilarious Freestyle to “Boombayah” On “Knowing Brothers”

IZ*ONE Sakura in your area!

After IZ*ONE‘s resident dancing queen Chaeyeon slayed the Knowing Brothers with her freestyle to Camila Cabello‘s “Crown,” Kang Hodong requested for the “stiffest” dancer in IZ*ONE to follow with her own dance moves.

The members almost unanimously picked Sakura. At first she looked a little shy, but she quickly snapped out of that when she heard the beat.

The song chosen for her was BLACKPINK‘s “Boombayah.” Sakura is no stranger to “Boombayah”; she danced to the song in one of her Produce 48 audition clips. She’s also a great dancer!

However, when the beat dropped Sakura did what Sakura does best: her signature freestyle moves.

Once she’d freestyle’d herself out of the spotlight they called Yuri up who was doing an amazing job (shadowed by Heechul)…

… But then Dancing Machine Kura struck again.

The entire room burst into laughter and everyone started to do the contagious choreography.

Sakura has also taken her famous freestyling to Idol Room earlier this year.

Watch the full clips below: