IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung And AKB48’s Shiroma Miru Reunited In Japan & The Pictures Will Warm Your Heart

This Produce 48 sisterhood can’t be broken.

On July 24, AKB48‘s Shiroma Miru and IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung reunited for the first time since the ending of Produce 48, and Miru immortalized their meeting on her Instagram account. 

Today、、I saw Wonyoung🥺🥺🥺🥺

I really really missed her

She grew and became an unnie、cuter and prettier、but still、a childlike big baby、、、I was healed🥺🥺

Please rest properly、you can do it! I’m supporting you、 a lot😢

She said she saw my photo book、I was embarrassed☺️☺️

After smelling me、I laughed because she said ‘Miru’s scentー!! Reminds me of Produceー’🤣 Cuteー! haha

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IZ*ONE are in Japan for the FSN Music Festival and this brought the two ladies together.


In mid-June, Wonyoung was seen at the airport carrying Miru’s photobook, so seeing them meet face to face is all the more special now.


Wonyoung and Miru forged a deep bond as contestants on Produce 48, so while Miru didn’t make it into the final lineup of IZ*ONE the girls’ connection remains.

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