J-Hope Finally Reveals Which BTS Member Made A Secret Appearance In “Daydream”

Several members visited the MV set, but one stuck around to end up in a scene!

With BTS J-Hope‘s “Daydream” having gotten 30 million views and counting, BANGTANTV uploaded a video that took fans behind-the-scenes of the music video shoot and answered a question they’ve had since his mixtape was released.

J-Hope released “Daydream” on March 1st. The video now has 2.8 million likes.


Remember this scene from the music video?

BTS revealed a secret about this scene in the behind-the-scenes video.


On the day of the MV shoot, BTS Suga and V stopped by to support J-Hope. When Suga saw an actor lying in bed, he asked, “Should I be in there instead?”


…And with that, the whole scheme began; J-Hope got excited about featuring a secret cameo in his music video.


But Suga realized his blonde hair would make it too obvious, and that’s when V stepped in!


V openly accepted J-Hope’s request to appear in his music video even though only the back side of him would be showed.

J-Hope was worried the shoot might take too long and become a conflict of schedule for V, but V didn’t mind sticking around to finish the job!

So there you have it! The secret appearance in J-Hope’s “Daydream” was V(‘s shoulder and back).


Suga and V aren’t the only members that came by the set to hype up J-Hope, though. Everyone in BTS visited to encourage J-Hope. RM and Jin came by with a bunch of snacks.


So did Jungkook and Jimin.

Jungkook went around taking on-set pictures for J-Hope, while Jimin brought J-Hope a birthday gift.


Watch BTS’s strong bond and teamwork in action here: