J-Hope makes Chilean ARMY feel better after their mistake at concert

J-Hope was able to understand ARMYs’ hearts even with this small typo, as love is a universal language.

After the huge success of their “The WINGS Tour” concerts in Seoul, BTS headed to Santiago, Chile for their first of many overseas tour stops. On March 11th, the first concert day in Chile, Chilean ARMYs were busy preparing a special event for BTS.

As fans lined up outside the concert venue, a local BTS fan club called ARMY Chile started passing out support banners and balloons for fellow ARMYs to hold up during the concert.

The banner was supposed to read, “1! 2! 3! Let’s become one tonight!” which referred to BTS’s “2!3!,” a song dedicated to ARMYs. However, there appeared to be a tiny typo in the Korean word for “tonight.” Instead of putting “오늘밤” it was put as “우늘 밤,” which was just one vowel off.

Despite the slight error, the support banner was a success as a lot of ARMYs could be seen holding up the sign happily as they sang along to “2!3!” with BTS.

Having noticed the support banners, BTS managed to get their hold of some and uploaded pictures with them on their official Twitter account.

“1 2 3! We all became one tonight, THE WINGS TOUR IN SANTIAGO! The first performance is finished?”

J-Hope uploaded an individual picture of himself holding the slogan and copied the spelling of the typo in the caption. He reassured fans that he found the small typo to be cute by adding a “XD” and a kiss emoji in the caption while sending ARMYs a kiss in the picture.

K-ARMYs that saw the support banner, commented by agreeing that the typo was really adorable.

Jin had posted a selfie of himself holding up the banner as well!

The message of love and support still came across, and J-Hope along with the rest of the BTS members were deeply touched by the surprise event.

In other news, BTS just successfully finished their Day 2 concert in Santiago.