J-Pop Idol Matsuda Jin Spills On His Interaction With BTS’s J-Hope That Didn’t Go As Expected

The INI member had a fateful encounter with J-Hope backstage at the “2022 MAMA Awards.”

South Korea’s popular idol competition program, Produce 101, has also had successful official spin-offs in China and Japan. 

Japan’s second season of Produce 101 Japan launched the popular 11-member J-Pop group, INI.

J-Pop group INI | @official__INI/Twitter

Many of the INI members are outspoken in their admiration for artists such as the legendary Japanese pop group ARASHI and global sensation BTS.

INI attended the 2022 MAMA Awards in Osaka, Japan, on November 29, which BTS’s J-Hope also attended.

INI at the “2022 MAMA Awards” | @MnetMAMA/Twitter
BTS’s J-Hope at the “2022 MAMA Awards”

The MAMA Awards gathers Asia’s top stars and is often the source of many memorable and iconic artist interactions.

While INI wasn’t able to meet the BTS member as a group, their youngest member, Matsuda Jin, had an unexpected encounter with the top star and spilled on the experience with the Japanese media outlet, Mediapress.

INI’s Matsuda Jin

Matsuda Jin shared that he was waiting by the elevator when a bodyguard approached him. The bodyguard announced that BTS’s J-Hope was on the way, and given J-Hope’s level of fame, Matsuda assumed he would be asked to wait on the next elevator.

Moments later, J-Hope arrived surrounded by about ten bodyguards. Instead of being asked to wait, J-Hope was unsurprisingly a humble sweetheart and insisted Matsuda Jin join them on the elevator.

| @officail__ini/Instagram
| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Matsuda Jin hilariously revealed that the nerve-wracking high-pressure elevator ride with his industry senior felt like it took “an eternity.” Certainly, it was an interaction with his idol that Matsuda Jin will never forget!

We only wonder how his older members reacted after he shared his lucky encounter.

INI’s Matsuda Jin (left) and Ikezaki Rihito (right) | @official__INI/Twitter

This isn’t the first time J-Hope was remembered for his kind elevator interactions. TXT‘s Beomgyu also had a touching encounter with the talented BTS member while in the HYBE building elevator.

Learn more about their exchange below!

TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals He Bumped Into BTS’s J-Hope In An Elevator

Source: Mediapress

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