Jackson Claps Back At Fan Asking If There Was Conflict Between GOT7

“Once a brother, always a brother.”

During a V-Live, Jackson noticed a comment asking if there was any conflict with GOT7 due to his solo career with Team Wang.

Jackson immediately told the fan to stop asking such question and that he remains a member of GOT7.

He seemed extremely put off by the comments and clarified that whatever he did with his solo career was his own thing, his own color, his own flavor. He mentions that he has already stated this in the past in an interview.

He mentioned, however, that his color is still part of the group.

He claims that the fan is just wasting their time asking such questions.

Jackson goes on to say that he focuses on his solo career because he wants to make music that makes him happy and is suitable for him. He clarifies that there is nothing to worry about, however, because he will forever consider the boys of GOT7 as his brothers.

Once a brother, always a brother.

He says that the future is uncertain but the members of GOT7 will always be brothers to him.