NCT’s Jaehyun Only Wears This One Shirt But Looks Amazing Anyway – Here Are 10 Receipts That Prove It

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

NCT‘s Jaehyun is notorious for this one fashion combination – a black tee and cargo pants. He has been spotted in it so much that Korean fans have started calling it his “horcrux”, as it seems to be wherever he goes. While we can’t confirm that his nondescript black shirts are literally the one, same item of clothing, here’s 10 times he consistently rocked the fit.

1. In practice footage for his special MC stage

As an induction ceremony of sorts, new MCs often put up a special performance stage. For his gig with Inkigayo, Jaehyun worked on a dance with April‘s Naeun and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk. During the practice, he dressed comfortably in his trusty black tee and cargo pants combo.

2. At the airport

What is airport fashion when you basically look good in anything? Jaehyun even matched his mask to his black outfit.

3. Real casual

In an outing to a bookstore with member Johnny, Jaehyun sported a plain tee as well, but rejoice! He traded in his black tee for one in just a shade lighter.

4. Back to the status-quo

Jaehyun kept it cool in his “horcrux” outfit during a live session with fans right before their comeback with “Punch”.

5. …Again?

At this point, we can only say that he must know how good he looks in just about anything, that he goes for comfort over anything else.

6. They even brought out the fit to an official scheduled broadcast

Even their professional stylists must’ve acknowledged how good he looks – they let him wear the basic black tee on Weekly Idol.

7. Just how many black tees does he own?

His green hair lent a little bit of color to the otherwise pretty monochrome outfit.

8. What does he spend his money on since it isn’t on clothing?

NCTzens would know the answer to that – Jaehyun loves his wines and LPs! Perhaps he enjoys spending on hobbies more than clothing.

9. In a home vlog

When NCT 127 did their vlog relay challenge, Jaehyun showed us around his cozy little room. He had just woken up, so fans could see him in his pajamas. Unsurprisingly, it comprised of a black tee as well.

10. It has been around since his rookie days!

Even a few years back, during his rookie days, Jaehyun sported the basic fashion item as well. It seems as though he really does value comfort over anything else while getting dressed!

Jaehyun’s black tees have become such a staple in his life that NCTzens have made it into a running joke.

Changing from a black tee, into another black tee that actually looks exactly the same, was peak Jaehyun-ness, according to this fan. While we can’t vouch for the rest of us, fashion indeed does not matter when you are THE Jung Jaehyun.