Fans Are Calling NCT’s Jaemin Prophetic, After He Accidentally Predicted The Delay In Production For NCT’s New Album

Fans have the most hilarious tweets.

NCT 2020 is set to make a comeback with their album, Resonance Pt.2, a followup of their previous album, Resonance Pt.1, previously released October 2020. Unfortunately, it was announced on the scheduled day of sales that there was a problem with the printing and sales would halt until further notice. While SM Entertainment did not state a date in their official notice, distributors have announced that albums can be returned and stocks would be sent out some time in December or even next year.

I called Aladin (a distributor) and for returns and refunds, you should not open the album. As they have already announced the error, if you open it, you cannot get an exchange or refund. The album may take until end December or even next year to be produced, so keep that in mind.

— @Foll__323

However, fans have realized something interesting – in a special live stream for fans, member Jaemin had made a startlingly accurate prediction. What started off as a joke as he read tarot cards for fans on the stream, turned out to be prophetic.

| @gaebokkii/Twitter

According to a fan, during that particular reading, he had mentioned three things.

  • “You’ve bought it already. It’s being delivered now.”
  • “Sorry, I will apologize on the behalf of SM Entertainment. There has been a delay.”
  • “You will get it in winter. But no one mentioned it would be within this year.”

Although he had been joking when he had read the cards, it looks like tarot isn’t meant to be trifled with! The prophecy came true. Of course, fans have the funniest responses.

1. Don’t mess

2. Believers and haters

No one mess with Na Jaemin ever! In other news, NCT has made a comeback with “Work It” and “90s Love”. Check out the music video for “90s Love” below.