Jang Wonyoung Expressed Her Sadness for Having to Leave IZ*ONE’s Concert Early

The concert went past Jang Wonyoung’s strict curfew.

IZ*ONE recently held their Eyes On Me concert in Saitama, Japan, but Jang Wonyoung had to leave early because it was past her curfew.

After lighting up the stage with spectacular performances, Jang Wonyoung expressed her sadness as she said goodbye earlier than the rest of the members.

The reason for that was because as a middle school student, she has a strict curfew of 9 o’clock in order to get proper rest for school.

As a result, Jang Wonyoung had no choice but to part with everyone early, and as sad as she looked, she also made sure to show her love to all her fans as she exited the stage.

Check out the full snippet below:


Source: Dispatch