Japan Makes Every K-Drama Poster “Pink And Glittery” — And This Japanese Fan Is Over It

Our favorite poster transformation is for the serial killer series, “Tunnel.”

As the success of K-Dramas continues to be on the rise, one particular fan has called out their home country for something that’s rather peculiar.

A Japanese netizen recently took to their Twitter account to vent their frustrations regarding the changes in their favorite K-Drama’s once they’re imported into Japan. More specifically, this netizen shared their irritation with the way Japan has been constantly changing all K-Drama posters into something “pink, glittery or blue” — and they want it to stop.

Tweet by Japanese K-Drama user with Korean translations provided by Google | Twitter

This is something that is already well-known amongst fans and as the [K-Drama] popularity continues to happen, we want to raise our voices. Whenever a Korean drama is imported into Japan, there is a high probability that the poster will change. It will have pink, glitter, or blue colors. This is topped off with the weird children’s storybook title changes that have nothing to do with the K-Drama’s genre or plot line.

— Unknown Japanese twitter user/translated from the Google Korean translation

And while this may seem like a random vent, the Japanese netizen brings up a very valid point. Here is a photo comparison of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God‘s (also known as Goblin) Korean versus the Japanese poster…

“Goblin”‘s Korean poster (left) and Japanese poster (right) | tvN

…and another for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Korean poster for “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” (left) and Japanese poster (right) | SBS

…as well as Reply 1994.

Korean poster for “Reply 1994” (left) and Japanese poster (right) | tvN

And while While You Were Sleeping seemed less glittery and pink than the others…

Korean poster for “While You Were Sleeping” (left) and Japanese poster (right) | SBS

…it was the transformation for the serial killer themed series, Tunnel that took the cake.

Korean poster for “Tunnel” (left) and Japanese poster (right) | OCN

Some of the Japanese poster versions fit with the K-Drama’s overall plot and theme, but some of them are definitely a miss. What do you all think?

Source: theqoo