Handsome Japanese Boxer Goes Viral For His Uncanny Resemble To Park Bo Gum And SF9’s Dawon

Netizens can’t get over his visuals!

With the spread of social media and the internet, people from across the world are introduced to so many different cultures. Without it, K-Pop might not have had the platform to spread worldwide.

Recently, the internet has proved useful again as netizens discovered a Japanese boxer with stunning good looks that resembles actor Park Bo Gum.

Park Bo Gum | @parkb0gum/ Instagram

On TikTok, user @kota.miura posted a video of the 19-year-old Japanese MMA fighter Kota Miura. To most people, he isn’t known at all, but to those who know the sport, he is an upcoming athlete making waves in the boxing scene. Yet, of course, one thing people couldn’t stop noticing was how handsome he is.

Japanese boxer Kota Miura | @kota_miura_official/ Instagram

| @kota_miura_official/ Instagram

In the video shared on TikTok, which has over 5 million views, Kota Miura showcases his physique, visuals, and charisma which are out of this world.


In particular, his resemblance to actor Park Bo Gum caught the attention of netizens worldwide. Although some people also thought that he resembles SF9‘s Dawon

SF9’s Dawon | @dwww_w_/ Instagram

Most agreed that he had very similar features to the much-loved actor. From his face shape, eyes, and charming smile, it is impossible not to see the resemblance between the three.

| @parkb0gum/ Instagram

Even in further videos posted on the same account, it seems like netizens couldn’t get enough of Kota Miura and his dazzling good looks.


The comments were flooded with people seeing the resemblance between the athlete and Park Bo Gum, claiming they were both as handsome as each other.

While others ere just appreciating just how handsome he is.

Yet, despite his good looks, his talent should not be underestimated. Born in Kobe, Japan, Miura is the 4th ranked out of 27 active Japan Amateur Featherweights (which is the weight class). Although he has only recently started fighting on a bigger scale, he has already made an impact.

With more eyes than he could’ve ever expected on him, he’s definitely gained a lot of new supporters. Yet, with his visuals and charisma, there is no doubt he could easily be an actor, but it all comes with the job of putting on a show, even if it’s sports.

Source: @kota.miura

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