Members of This Japanese Boy Group Kiss Each Other For 4 Minutes Straight In MV

Japanese boy group MeseMoa. left fans shook after they released a music video of themselves kissing each other… for 4 whole minutes!

On April 13, Japnese boy group MeseMoa. uploaded a music video for their song “Shadow kiss” that shocked both fans and the general public. This J-Pop group that initially rose to fame under the name MusuMen. for their dance covers of Morning Musume songs, has released a controversial video that features the all-male group kissing each other for the entirety of the music video.

The video features a total of 36 kisses between the members, making this a record for the most guy-on-guy kisses in a Japanese music video ever!

While homosexuality is still relatively taboo in Japan, the video is going viral and seems to be garnering largely positive reactions.

Many have been referring to the video as “real-life yaoi“, which is hugely popular in Japan. “yaoi” refers to a genre of Japanese media that features romantic and/or homosexual relationships between men that is aimed at and extremely popular among female audiences.

Check out the full music video below: