Japanese Or Korean? Here’s Which Language NCT’s Yuta Thinks In

He’s fluent in both languages.

Between his Japanese radio show Yuta At Home and NCT‘s promotions, Yuta is an idol that bridges the gap between K-Pop and Japanese fans. As such, he was interviewed by Nikkei Asia to speak about it.

Yuta | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Naturally, one of the topics mentioned was language. Because Yuta has spent so many years in Korea, he’s so fluent in it that some have wondered whether Korean or Japanese comes to his mind first.

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It turned out they were on an even playing field. Yuta laughed while saying, “Japanese and Korean are fighting in my head.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

When Yuta speaks his native tongue, he pointed out that the members are eager to learn it. He added, “When I happen to utter Japanese, some members imitate my Japanese.

Jaemin, Xiaojun, Yuta, and Johnny. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Sometimes, he even uses another language that’s common among the group’s members. Yuta said, “Or I speak English. Mixture is a natural part of our life.

Since the members faced “problems communicating with one another due to cultural differences” when first meeting, they’ve all worked hard on improving and picking up new languages. Not only does Yuta think in Japanese, but he also has Korean and English floating around in his mind.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter
Source: Nikkei Asia