How A Japanese Male Model Became A “Whiteface” Living Doll

He claims to have not gotten any plastic surgery.

Dramatic transformations are something that people are constantly interested in reading about or seeing. This can sometimes result from weight loss, like PSY‘s recent image change…

…or as a result of plastic surgery, like in the case of Cherri Lee, a Korean woman who got over 60 thousand USD worth of work done to look like Kim Kardashian.

Cherri Lee | SWNS

A Japanese man named Matt Kuwata (also known as Matt Rose) has often gone viral for his dramatic transformation into what some call a “whiteface” living doll.

Matt Kuwata before his transformation.

Son of former baseball player Masumu Kuwata, Matt has gained attention online for his transformation into what many consider a living doll. Over the years, his appearance has changed coming close and close to what he looks like today.

Matt Kuwata and his father, Masumu Kuwata (right).

The 28-year-old’s appearance is said to resemble that of a Caucasian man, with extremely pale skin and massive eyes.

Matt Kuwata today. | @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram
| @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram

While many believe the model has gotten plastic surgery to achieve his current image, Matt claims that it is all make-up and a bit of post-editing that helps him achieve his desired look. On his social media pages, the model often shares the make-up and skin care products he uses.

In addition to traditional modeling, Matt, in collaboration with Daiya Corporation, launched his beauty brand Emrose in 2021. The brand’s products, created with Matt’s image in mind, have been popular, selling out multiple times.

| @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram
| @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram

Many have called his looks unnatural, which Matt says is his goal. Despite using “Western-style make-up” techniques, the model has expressed that he does not actually want to be white.

Matt Kuwata with BTS’s J-Hope. | @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram
Matt Kuwata with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram

Ultimately, Matt’s look has brought him great success, with the star having support from his father despite not following in his footsteps!

| @mattkuwata_official2018/Instagram


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