Japanese Man Gets Hit On By Random Girl At A Bar, Ends Up With “Scary” Experience

It was a plot twist he didn’t expect.

In 2018, Twitter (X) user @toshibou enraptured thousands of Japanese netizens with his short but interesting story of deception.

He walked down memory lane and brought up a “scary” instance from 2007. The man remembered going to a bar to relax after a long, cold day. It was here where he was suddenly approached by a random woman.

I was drinking at a bar, and this girl I didn’t know said hi to me.

— @toshibou

She eventually propositioned him, boldly asking if he wanted to go home with her.

So we started chatting, and ended up drinking together. Then, as we were talking, she asked me to spend the night with her.

— @toshibou

Since he was taken at the time, he did not entertain the thought of a one night stand with the stranger. He remembered his vows of fidelity to his girlfriend and easily asked the woman in front of him to leave.

At the time, I had a girlfriend, so I told the woman there was no way I’d spend the night with her and left the bar soon after turning down her invitation.

— @toshibou

The plot twist? It turned out that this scene was pre-planned. The man was sent an email from his girlfriend admitting that she set up the entire encounter. She declared that she was proud of him for not cheating with the girl at the bar, eerily adding that she could tell he was a trustworthy boyfriend.

Then, once I got home, I got an email from my girlfriend, saying, ‘I knew I could trust you.’

— @toshibou

This creepy encounter was not enough for him to instigate a break-up, however. He mentioned later in the thread that they eventually parted ways only after he found out she had cheated on him.

It turned out that she was the one who couldn’t be trusted after all.

Source: SoraNews24

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