The Japanese Man Who Spent Over $15,000 To Become A Dog Is Looking For Love — Are You His Type?

Would it be considered “puppy love?”

Earlier this year, a Japanese man made headlines when he finally achieved what he described as his life’s goal — becoming a dog.

A real rough collie. | Kanashi/Unsplash

While it is not genetically possible, a man named Toco achieved this goal by commissioning a model and sculpture company, Zeppet, to create a realistic, rough collie costume for him. After spending 2 million yen (around $15,700 at the time), his outfit was completed.

Toco has documented his new life experiences, including his “training,” which includes learning tricks and going on walks while leashed.  He even recently found packmates in actual dogs who didn’t shy away from the costumed man.

Though he says he is the happiest he has been, Toco once expressed fear over others in his life finding out about his canine activities.

I rarely tell my friends because I am afraid they will think I am weird. My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal.

— Toco

It seems like Toco has overcome some of these fears based on his newest goals for his life!

| I want to be an animal/YouTube

In a recent interview, Toco expressed wishes to become a movie star and appear in films in his dog form. While this sounds a little “far-fetched,” movies have used CGI to have humans play animals, so someone in a dog costume might have a place on set!

Toco also revealed he’s looking for like-minded individuals to meet up with, including finding his dream woman who also enjoys dressing up like a dog.

I think it would be great if something like this existed. I would like to meet them.

— Toco

Anyone interested can probably reach him through his YouTube channel, where he posts life updates updates.

Toco would be a good “catch” for any lady!

Source: NY Post