Japanese Man Who Spent Thousands To Become A Dog Is Now Living His Best Life

How far would you go to live your dream life?

People will often go to extremes to live out their ideal lives. Often, this will consist of achieving milestones like a new job or, in the case of K-Pop fans, seeing their favorite idols in concert as often as they would like.

A man in Japan is living out his ideal life after achieving his major life goal…of becoming a dog.

A real collie. | Ramon Fabra/Unsplash

Toco, who has not revealed personal details like his real name or age, began his dog journey in early 2022. He commissioned a model and sculpture company, Zeppet, to create a realistic, rough collie costume for him earlier this year.

40 days and 2 million yen ($15,700 USD) later, his costume was completed, and Toco was able to begin the process of training to behave like a real dog, which he has documented on his YouTube Channel.

According to Toco, becoming an animal was his childhood fantasy, and he enjoys “doing things that only dogs do.”

While he has achieved his lifelong dream, Toco still has worries about the opinions of others.

I rarely tell my friends because I am afraid they will think I am weird. My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal.

— Toco

The concept of wanting to dress up in an animal costume is not a new one: while somewhat different than what Toco is doing, furries, or people who enjoy dressing up in fursuits of anthropomorphized animals or other mythical beasts, have become commonplace.

There are several conventions each year where furries gather to meet up with each other.


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While some may find Toco’s life strange, he has found support in his online community, who often leave supportive comments.

| Zeppet

You can check out more from Toco below!

Source: Yahoo! News

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