Japanese Netizens Warmly Embrace The New Korea-Japan Couple As They Recognize Super Junior Heechul’s Love For Momo

Said they will keep cheering on Momo and Heechul’s love story.

Super Junior‘s Heechul, 36, and TWICE‘s Momo, 23, have been receiving support from most everyone, ranging from fans who are defending their age gap to the Japanese media.

Source: wowkorea/OSEN

After being unveiled as the first public couple of 2020, they have quickly gained the love and support of fans in Japan. Fans sent them many blessings and Japanese Internet users, in particular, recognized that Heechul was interested in Japanese culture.

They were also delighted to know that Heechul was a fan of Momo since TWICE first debuted, which increased their support for the relationship. It was also uncovered that he previously visited Momo’s hometown of Kyoto.

Japanese fans can’t show enough of their support for Momo and Heechul’s beautiful love story and will continue to cheer them on!

Source: wowkorea

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship