Momo and Heechul Were Allegedly Spotted in Kyoto Together Back in 2017

The claim has resurfaced in light of the recent news that Momo and Heechul are dating.

In light of recent news that TWICE‘s Momo and Super Junior‘s Heechul are dating, a 2017 post made by a Japanese part-timer has resurfaced and is gaining overwhelming attention.

Back in October 2017, a Japanese part-timer in Kyoto posted on her social media that she spotted Momo and Heechul together on a date.

Momo and Heechul are together at the place where I work.

– Japanese Part-Timer

At the time, Heechul shared a photo of himself with his friends in front of Kyoto Station, and when it was revealed that Momo’s hometown was Kyoto, the part-timer’s claim went viral.

And before Momo and Heechul’s dating scandal first broke out last August, a netizen made the prediction that this post would become sacred in just a few days.

In a few days, a dating scandal regarding another TWICE member and a celebrity over 10 years older than her will break out. It’ll be titled that they’ve been dating for 2 years.

– Netizen


But at the time, both parties denied the rumors and claimed that they were just really good friends.

Upon the recent revelation that they are indeed dating, this post has resurfaced as previously predicted, and many fans are speculating that Heechul went to Kyoto to visit Momo’s parents at the time.

Whatever the case, the couple has now confirmed their relationship status, and fans all over the world are wishing them the best!



Source: Insight

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship

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