This Japanese ONCE Has Proven Once And For All That TWICE’s Mina Is In Fact A Penguin

You can’t deny the proof in these photos.

On June 8, a Japanese ONCE on Twitter, @twice_Nayeon612, posted several pictures of Mina next to her animal counterpart, penguins. Mina has been known as a penguin due to her penguin waddle walk. When you see these photos, you’ll agree that the walk isn’t the only similarity Mina and penguins have.

Even when Mina stands she exudes adorable penguin-ly charms (she’s also wearing black-and-white. Coincidence? We think not!).

If this picture of Mina isn’t a baby penguin stretching it’s wings then we don’t know what is!

Mina sleeping soundly is a big baby penguin mood.

No matter what anyone says, these pictures have the same energy.

In conclusion, Mina has been photographically proven to be a penguin. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

Source: @twice_Nayeon612