TWICE Mina Has Created A New Korean Trend Called “The Capitalism Walk”

Mina is a true professional, in this world of capitalism!

TWICE‘s Mina can walk the walk when she needs to, even though she has been nicknamed “Penguin” for the way she really waddles.


Mina has been spotted several times showing off her signature walk.


Her toes turn out when she walks due to her years of practicing ballet.

Look at her go!


Mina’s walk steals the spotlight in many cases as fans are often drawn to how she walks, even when she’s in the background.


She gets her nickname, penguin, from this distinguishable trait.


Cute and wobbly! It fits her so well.


But, when she needs to, Mina can bust out her professional walk and pretend like she’s not a penguin.


She can stand and walk straight, if she puts her mind to it.

Fans are calling this the “Capitalism Walk”. Is anything really possible with money?



Maybe. But regardless of penguin Mina or capitalism Mina, she’s adorable.

Source: NATE Pann