Japanese Reporters Were Deeply Moved by SHINee’s Taemin for Not Using an Interpreter

One of the reasons why Taemin’s so amazing.

A Japanese fashion magazine called ModelPress recently released an article about how Taemin deeply moved the reporters by answering questions without the use of an interpreter.

According to ModelPress’s article, Taemin held a signing event in Japan to commemorate his new photograph collection, where he answered the reporters’ questions for 10 minutes straight ahead of the signing event.

Without the use of an interpreter, Taemin answered a reporter’s question about his Japanese tour by saying, “When I go on tour, I end up going to many different places. I think one of the charms of touring is seeing new places and eating various foods. I get to go to hot springs and enjoy Japanese cuisine, so it’s really fun to go on tours.


When the reporter admired Taemin for answering without an interpreter, Taemin responded with, “The truth is, my Japanese isn’t that great. I’m studying hard with my manager and interpreter though” and made everyone laugh.

Check out Taemin’s Japanese skills in the interview clip below:

Source: Dispatch


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