Japanese Wife Demanded A Divorce For The Most Ludicrous Reason

How would you react to this if you were the husband?

In 2014, an unnamed 29-year old woman from Japan was left heartbroken for a unique reason.

According to the website Kikonsha no Hakaba (The Gravesite Of Married People), she was an avid fan of the Disney movie Frozen.

The woman was excited to hear her husband’s opinion on the first movie, expecting him to appreciate it as he had studied Danish Literature at college. Frozen, after all, is based on The Snow Queen by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

His reaction turned out to be the complete opposite of what she was expecting. Not only did he find it boring, but he also wondered aloud why his wife liked it so much.

I didn’t really care for it personally. Did you really think it was that good?

— Husband

Needless to say, she was furious. She couldn’t believe that her husband had a lackluster response to her favorite movie. She was so affronted, in fact, that she claimed there was “something wrong” with him and demanded a divorce.

If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!

— Wife

The woman reportedly moved out of their shared home and stayed with her parents while pondering her future with her husband.

Disney released the titular Frozen movie in 2013 to great success worldwide. Frozen II came out six years later in 2019 and earned a staggering $1.453 billion USD.

Source: Metro UK

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