Jay Park spotted hanging out with 2 Chainz

Jay Park has been chilling with rapper 2 Chainz and fans are excited for what it means!

Jay Park has been hanging with American rapper 2 Chainz while the two collaborate on a new track!

2 Chainz is a rapper formerly known as Tity Boy. He is known for his hit collaborations with LudacrisLil Wayne and Drake. His fourth album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” features Nicki Minaj, Migos and Pharrell Williams.


2 Chainz posted pictures on his Instagram account of the two partying in Atlanta, Georgia, with fellow hip hop artist Casanova.


The MV was being filmed for a song called “Soju” and the signature green bottles can be seen in the pictures posted by 2 Chainz.


The same day a shaky “behind the scenes” video for the MV was posted on Youtube, zooming in on 2 Chainz and Jay Park.

JWalkerz83 is Youtuber Nina Jeane, who frequently posts content featuring Jay Park.


A video taken by Casanova also shows some behind the scenes fun with Jay Park.

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Another video of the three posted with the caption “that’s a wrap” suggests filming has been completed.

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The MV appears to focus on partying and drinking soju, with the artists dancing on the street and drinking together with Korean women at a dinner table.

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While there isn’t much information available about when the song will be released, fans are excited for the collaboration.

  • “Can’t wait for Jay to drop the video!”

  • “I can’t wait to hear the song!”

  • “I’m all here for the collaboration to be honest. I’m ready to support 100%, just like I’ve been doing since day one.”

  • “The collaboration will help boost his popularity in the states and introduce Korea to more American hip hop artists, so it’s a win-win!”

  • “I’m so excited for Jay Park. Finally some actual talent and genius blowing up in the US from a Korean.”


Fans are waiting on the edge of their seats!